Sorry Big Ketchup

My fiancé and I started doing meal preps for the week on Sundays.  I love a good sandwich and all, but we'd both gotten a bit bored with Pret and Eat sandwiches the all taste pretty meh and "sushi" from places that Japanese sushi chefs say "No, no, no!" to.  So, the only real option… Continue reading Sorry Big Ketchup

Victor Ramen

Let's not kid ourselves - I'm no Ivan Orkin or any form of proper ramen chef, chef, cook or any other sort of professional in the food industry. But damn if I don't love food and love trying to make things that others have mastered. After watching the Chef's Table episode about Ivan Orkin I… Continue reading Victor Ramen

Immortality had its price

I generally hate waking up. You would think that 750 years of life would mean you got used to waking up in the morning, or at least achieved one of these mythical "good habits" that people speak of whereby waking up early or at all becomes easier after a bit of time and routine. Not… Continue reading Immortality had its price

Working through the novel in me

Everyone has a novel in them. I totally agree with this statement, but in my case I feel it's more accurate to say I have 6/8th of a novel in me, 1/8th in a lovely blue leather bound book that my fiancé created for me from my scrappy word document a couple of Christmases ago,… Continue reading Working through the novel in me